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When do women have the highest chances of getting pregnant? 

It is is variable even among women who started menstruating on the same day.

What blood type rejects pregnancy?

The two major blood group conditions that can affect pregnancy adversely are the ABO and Rhesus incompatible blood groups.

Why is my baby not moving? 9 reasons to consider

Majority of women experiencing a stillbirth perceived
a reduction in fetal movements prior to diagnosis.

When is the best time to do ultrasound in pregnancy?

The best
time to do an ultrasound scan in pregnancy depend on the reason why the
ultrasound scan is requested.

How quickly can you get pregnant after child birth?

Return of fertility after child birth variesamong women and depend on whether the woman is breastfeeding or not.

7 reasons for not getting pregnant when all tests are normal

It is common not to find any cause after investigation for infertility. Here are some of the causes and what to do about it.

Common pregnancy complaints
that are normal

A variety of symptoms may be experineced in pregnancy. some of these changes may be worrisome but normal.

Is it normal to loss hair after child birth?

Hair loss after child birth medically referred to as postpartum telogen effluvium

9 Pregnancy symptoms you should never ignore

A thin line exists between normal changes and those associated with symptoms of complications in pregnancy.

Exercise in Pregnancy, benefits and what to avoid

The aim of exercise during
pregnancy is to improve maternal fitness without compromising the pregnancy.

Vulvovaginal yeast infection. can it be prevented?

Itching, discharge and soreness of the vagina and vulva is a common and often recurrent complaints in women

Heavy menstrual bleeding, causes and treatment

Menstruating with blood clots, frequently soaking pads, may suggest HMB.

What causes cervical cancer? can it be prevented?

The second most common gynaecological cancer can be prevented by vaccination and screening.